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“Gifts of, Morning #1”

Great bountiful star,
Over the mandated landscape
Oscillating in river rays
Daring the bees of lent harmony
Moving masterful eyes
Over this box of time
Ranging the canyons of blue soaked eyes
Never reaching closely
In the depths
Not the braided bend
Grasp the failing star
Eloquent lady, dew dress
Mend the belly of the sun to see wonder, Alas.

A Day For The Ghosts, With A Poem.

Today is for the starlight’s lost too soon. Dance hard in Valhalla! 💜

Still inspire word lava, Natalie,
Thanks for letting share:
David Biegen.

Through a lens,
inside the drum set.
As free as the wind,
Yet deep in the muck:
Of lost lunar cycles,
Lovingbeams of the most…
Peculiar sort. If only,
If only had caught some,
To cherish like fireflies,

The wind came too quick,

Burning brighter,
Awkward, yet real,
A light in the cavernous, dark.

Punk incarnate, yet,
Simply Nat.

Mistakes made, regrets buried with albums, old photos, a traveler of that…
Old familiar path.

Society disregards us.
treasure in each other,
Looking for her in the mist.

Always there in the wind,
Dancing aloof,
One step ahead, grinning,
A far laughter, aoelion daughter,
Misunderstood, understanding.

I dance too, with the wind,
In thanks, and grinning,
In sorrow yet grateful,
For every tick and tock,
Every piece of clothes picked up,
Every laughter in random
It is us who owe thee, for all the lovelight lit,
By you Nat.
Fly free, in peace.
Your albatross is released.

Dance and cause chaos forever, Natalie B, you lovely enigmatic punk fairy. Taken to soon. RIP.